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To contribute to you can do several things :

  • Edit, add or translate things on this wiki.
  • Make an ETC donation : 0xe85dfd8b86c1ed3c59e12c9ecc6af897776a9b71
  • Make a BTC donation : 1732DSxuKYfGg8Ew7jC789PD7WieLPx8m4
  • Make an ETH donation : 0x2692ed5403c7739d0f2f3306d5b1c12cdbf4259b

To edit, add or translate things on this wiki you need to :

  1. Register for a user account
  2. Contact the Wiki administrator on Slack (@seccour) to have your account added to the Trusted list of Wiki contributors.
  3. Wait until your account is confirmed.

Once you are a registered contributor, you will be able to add pages, edit existing pages, and perform language translations.