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We have all seen those TikTok clips that read a story or post using AI voice, haven’t we? Did you know that these creators can bring in a lot of followers and create a brand around these types of content?

The work seems relatively easy on the surface! All you have to do is find interesting stories to share on your platform and copy and paste the text to a Text-to-Speech converter to do the job for you. However, things go south quickly from there!

The main problem is finding engaging stories regularly. But another technical issue here is that most text-to-speech converters don’t work that well. Either the voice is irritating, the generator makes too many mistakes, etc. And if you want to create content in any language besides English, then may God be with you!

Well, we can’t help you find good stories to share, but we can surely help you on the technical side of things. Behold the best text-to-speech converter on the internet right now!

Features of EaseText Text-to-Speech Converter

There are many text-to-speech converters available. However, some critical features of EaseText make it a behemoth among lilliputs! Let’s dive right into them.

Voice Cloning

Voice cloning lets you create content in your voice by training a personalized AI to emulate your voice naturally! With voice cloning, you can create your TTS voice and use this signature voice for your brand.

Yes, there are other voice cloning services as well. But there are safety concerns along with accuracy concerns. All other voice cloning services need you to upload your voice on their servers to clone it. However, EaseText can do this on standalone software, without an internet connection, on your computer! So you won’t have to worry about privacy and safety at all.

Also, the EaseText TTS Converter has an accuracy of 99% of the original voice. So, we don’t think accuracy will be an issue here.

Extensive Language Selection

There are a lot of TTS services in English. Some of these services are pretty decent as well. But what if you want to create content in Chinese? TTS software for languages besides English is not the same quality in most cases.

Although, you won’t have to worry about that with the Eastetext text-to-speech converter. EaseText offers over 30 languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and many more!

Massive Voice Collection

Maybe you don’t want to go through the hassle of voice cloning and enjoy a preset voice only. Do you have to contend with 3-4 voice choices that may or may not suit your vision? Of course, we can’t let that happen to you!

EaseText comes to the rescue again. EaseText offers over 1300 different AI voices that all have unique personalities. Each voice sounds different, and you have a lot to choose from. So, indeed, you’ll find one or two that beat your drum.

Other Features

EaseText also has a batch convert feature where you can batch out multiple text files for conversion. Batch conversion works with .txt, .doc, or .csv file formats. You can also choose a TTS voice from the massive pool of young voices on the EaseText platform for batch conversion.

Another key factor is that EaseText text-to-speech software can work on your local device without any internet connection, provides high-quality natural voice, and is free to try! So, why wait? Get yours today!


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