Guidelines for How to Avoid Scam When Buying FIFA Coins


Buying coins when playing FIFA is mandatory. This is so huge that it has acquired the shape of a fully bloomed market. There is a lot to say about buying coins in FIFA. On the one hand, buying and selling coins is a full-time trade; the scammers, on the other hand, have massively grown. They have devised cunning ways to scam people because they know the importance of a fifacoin in the game.

This blog post is overflowing with the best guidelines to help you seek shelter against scammers in the easiest and best possible ways.

Choose a Well-Reputed Seller

Finding a reputable seller is of extreme importance. The online marketplace is flooded with hundreds of sellers, but not all are authentic. With the growth of digitalization, scammers have grown exponentially, and they will astonish you with their cunning scamming capabilities.

It is, therefore, a matter of crucial consideration, and do your research. The scammers will try to connect you with images and promotions similar to authentic websites. They will also use images and brand names closely related to the original ones belonging to the best sellers.

To avoid scamming, check the reviews and read more about the seller’s reputation. Check their ratings on different well-known sites. The ratings speak loud for the seller.

The secure payment method is of prime importance, so check the seller’s payment transfer mode, which also indicates whether the seller is authentic or not.

Research the Coins’ Market Value

Getting coins while playing FIFA thrills you but investing in them costs you money which is sometimes hard to manage. Scammers are sharp enough to attack your vulnerable points and thus have designed a scam where you will be offered a price much lesser than the original market value. The easy-going and helter-skelter players usually fall prey to such people.

We, therefore, stress the role and importance of research. It is one of the best guidelines to check the original market value of coins. You can do it by randomly cross-checking websites, tallying the prices, and calculating the best and most reasonable price on average. Unbelievably low rates mean scams you can easily figure out once you randomly check the websites.

Offering a price too low to be true and asking for payment before delivering the coins is a confirmed scam!

Free Coins

There are scammers who, in personal chat, would promise you a bag full of free coins. In the first place, free coins are impossible to get in FIFA. By the end of your conversation, where the scammers would have brainwashed you enough, they will ask for your account’s information. They will assure you that this information is necessary for a smooth transfer of coins to your account.

The motive behind all this conversation is to steal your coins. So, if you are asked to share your account information, do not share it because it is probable that the person behind the screen is a scammer trying to rob you of your coins.

Final Thoughts

Saving yourself from scammers is a real deal in the digital world. You never know the person and his intentions behind the screen. Scammers, with the increase in the popularity of FIFA, have strengthened. They will play patty games to steal your coins or money. They may ask you for account details. Selling coins for a price too less than the original market value and copying authentic sites are a few scamming strategies.


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