Introducing Foundation Drilling Tools’ Full Line of Drilling Accessories


In the case of drilling equipment, it is critical to have a wide choice of first-class tools to ensure high work efficiency. Foundation Drilling Tools manufactures the products and offers a varied range of drilling tools to suit the demands of several operations. Be it foundation drilling equipment or rock excavation, their products are highly durable and out-of-the-box solutions.

Categories of Drilling Equipment

Foundation Drilling Tools divides the equipment it offers into several major categories, each designed to meet the particular needs of the drilling process. Familiarity with these categories and their characteristics will help select appropriate tools for respective projects.

FZ72 Flat Teeth for Drilling Bucket and Rock Auger

• Features: FZ72 flat teeth are intended for use with drilling buckets and rock drills.

• Benefits: These teeth are ideal in terms of durability and performance whenever there are challenging drilling situations.

• Applications: Best used for penetrating through hard rock layers and for seamless functioning in difficult terrains.

2077, Pengo Style Carbide Dirt Tooth for Auger Attachments

• Features: The 2077 Pengo style carbide dirt tooth is designed to be used with auger attachments.

• Benefits: It is made of carbide, which enhances its wearing ability and durability.

• Applications: Suitable for dirt and clay drillings while providing dependability and productivity in softer ground.

BA09 Quick Change Welding Bars for Casing Twister

• Features: The BA09 quick-change welding bars are designed to be easily connected and disconnected.

• Benefits: These bars make it easier to change tools, and that will save you time and effort while on the job.

• Applications: Described as casing twister compatible, allowing for fast tool change during operations with the casing twister.

C31HD-25mm, Foundation Drilling Rock Auger Teeth

• Features: The C31HD-25mm teeth are designed for foundation drilling rock augers.

• Benefits: Popular for their rather firm construction and capacity to bear tremendous pressure.

• Applications: Most suitable to be used on rock drilling applications due to its stability and accuracy.

B47K19-H Rock Rotary Drilling Bullet Teeth for Rock Augers

• Features: The B47K19-H bullet teeth are intended for rotary rock augers.

• Benefits: These teeth provide good impact strength and longer working life.

• Applications: Most suitable for rotary drilling in hard rock formations to enhance efficiency and service life.

Quality and Durability

Foundation Drilling Tools differentiates its products by ensuring that its tools are high-quality and strong. It uses sophisticated procedures and quality materials in its production to guarantee a long service period.

• Manufacturing Processes: Sophisticated structures and accurate methodologies of engineering.

• Materials Used: Heavy steel and carbide coated to improve the toughness.

• Certifications: Compliance with industry standards and certifications to ensure that offered tools are dependable and safe.

Innovative Technologies

Foundation Drilling Tools is a company that has embraced technology in the manufacturing of drilling equipment. It constantly introduces innovations that improve efficiency and effectiveness.

• Recent Advancements: Incorporation of advanced technology in the design of the tools and their performance.

• Benefits: Such changes result in enhanced production, minimal interruption, and fewer cases of workplace accidents.

• Real-World Applications: Proper application of these technologies in different drilling operations with evident positive results.


Foundation Drilling Tools offers numerous kinds of drilling tools and equipment suitable for various applications. These include the FZ72 flat teeth, which are quality and innovative, just like the B47K19-H bullet teeth. Through strong manufacturing processes, innovative technologies, and excellent customer services, Foundation Drilling Tools is a worthy option for all your drilling requirements. Selecting Foundation Drilling Tools is an opportunity to acquire high-quality, long-lasting and effective tools that will contribute to your projects’ success.


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