Why Does My Laptop Battery Not Charge?


There are times when the HP RR03XL Battery fails to charge fully but still discharge. Therefore, you shall be experiencing an issue with the charging system. Most of the time, this only implies that the adapter or laptop battery is failing. It could also mean that you have some damaged socket on the computer’s side. That is where the laptop charger plugs in.

The battery is bad

In case your laptop’s power plug is suitable, then the battery could be bad. If you use Microsoft Windows, then you need to consider acquiring battery care for the computer. That way, you can check the actual total capacity of your battery.

On that note, you can connect the device to power using a battery which is often inserted for about two hours. In case the battery does not charge, you are advised to have the laptop repaired by a professional. And if your battery does not have a warranty, then it is highly suggested that you replace the battery. That is because it is likely that it is bad. In such cases, you would need to have it repaired.

If the board is faulty

If the battery you have is replaced but will not charge, your charger board could be faulty. It is highly recommended that your laptop gets repaired in that case.

Faulty charging system

If the laptop battery is not charging completely but discharges well, you could be experiencing an underlying issue with the charging system. All too often, this would mean that the adaptor is failing. It could also imply that the power socket is damaged.

Power code issues

Taking the laptop from one place to the other could imply that the charger should be carried along. From wrapping it up for packability to setting it in various strange ways, to be in a position to accommodate an outlet, the cord may be bent in the earliest days possible.

 Primary components work in a merged manner to power a laptop. PC chargers often come with a two-in-one piece adapted. One part connects to the wall while the other piece connects to the computer. If the two are connected, and the PC’s charging light fails to illuminate, you could be dealing with a damaged power code.

Software malfunction

Windows 10 is still one of the most preferred operating systems in the history of personal computers. It can diagnose itself when internal problems arise. It can also initiate pertinent updates to help make sure that the software is updated. But in some cases, it can also miss these things.

Also, the computer’s configuration settings must shut down, particularly at lower levels. Internal software malfunctions come about when the computer’s drivers age. Therefore, if your laptop has an outdated driver, it can push your computer to reject the AC’s adapter power.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these instructions but still have a faulty charging system in the laptop, it needs a replacement. Contact a professional computer manufacturer to service your laptop. The charger board should get replaced.


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