Classic wallet setup

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Use original Mist/Wallet

  1. Don't install Ethereum Classic and Ethereum Forked on the same computer. Take a computer where Ethereum was not previously installed.
  2. Download Ethereum Wallet release for your operating system from
    1. Windows
    2. OSX
    3. Linux
  3. Run the installer that installs Ethereum Wallet
  4. Launch the program, once it asks if you want to activate The DAO fork, answer "NO"
  5. It will take some time to sync, after which you can use your Classic wallet normally
  6. Enjoy transacting on the original, immutable, censorship-resistant chain


Use Geth in parallel with HF

  1. Create an empty dir (for example "/Users/me/etcblockchain")
  2. Run geth pointing to this dir: geth --datadir /Users/me/etcblockchain
    1. for geth 1.4.10 add --oppose-dao-fork
    2. if you're running in parallel with forked chain specify different port: --port 30304
  3. Wait for blockchain to sync
  4. Don't use --fast options, or it will download forked chain
  5. Copy your existing keys into directory "/Users/me/etcblockchain/keystore" (get this files from your original geth dir, or use "Backup key" in Mist)