Everything You Should Know About Malachite Stone


There are many reasons why malachite stone is found in many crystal collections. In fact, raw malachite stone has many benefits to offer. It is widely used in providing compassion, fostering love, and providing protection. These are the important things you should know about malachite stone.

What is Malachite?

This is a mineral that mainly contains copper carbonate hydroxide. It is widely known for its green color. The malachite available on the market has many stripes and bands of dark green. You can find it available in small stones known as velvet malachite. This stone can be manufactured in a lab or naturally found alongside azurite.

Benefits of Malachite

Offers Protection

For many years, malachite has been used to provide protection against evil spirits. This explains why you will see some people wrapping it around their necks. Many people also use malachite powder to protect themselves from evil attacks.

Enhances Creativity

The truth is that malachite stone can help enhance one’s creativity. That is because the swirling bands make you feel a bit free and you can even be lost in patterns. You will find these to be great for stimulating and boosting creativity.

Grounding and Nurturing

Since crystals come from the ground, they help you connect to the earth in certain ways. There is something special about this stone. It allows you to connect with nature. In fact, the green color reminds you of the lush plants and jungles that Mother Nature provides.

Magnify Intuition

Sometimes your intuition is lacking. In such a case, malachite can be of great help. Moreover, it can help tap your inner guidance to assist with activities such as meditation or visualization practices. Some people believe that it can be used to activate your psychic awareness.

Great for Compassion and Love

Some experts and healers say that malachite can be used to get your heart chakra in control. Having this tone around your neck can make you feel safe, secure, and stable. This stone is useful in encouraging unconditional love and self-love. In addition, it enhances both your confidence and compassion. For love, you should place your malachite stone over your heart. This will help you bring passion and you can align your passion with financial goals.

Astral Travel

If you want to try astral travel, you should get the malachite stone. This stone is widely used by crystal healers. They argue that it helps access intuitive messages from the dream state. If you want to use it for basic dream interpretation, you are encouraged to keep it in your pillowcase.


It is advisable to add a malachite stone with other types of crystals that are associated with divine, love, and compassion. Thus, when buying malachite stone you should consider the main reason behind buying it. Before you get this stone, you should know the benefits it offers and how to use it correctly. When buying it, you should find out whether it is synthetic or natural stone. It is a good idea to go with raw malachite stone. This will help you achieve your life goals.


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