How do Bead Spinners Work?


Are you a die-heart fan of bead jewelry? If so, then you are in for a real treat. In old times, it was hard making bead jewelry because you had to do all the work manually, with your hands and sharp needles. It was both very time-consuming as well as extremely tiring. After working constantly for hours people were only able to make 2-3 bracelets or bead necklaces. This is because this work is very intricate and detailed. But as the world has progressed, there have been improvements in the field of jewelry making with the invention of bead spinners.

Bead spinners are one of the newer tools to hit the jewelry-making market, and they are quickly gaining in popularity. So, what are bead spinners, how do they work, and why are they so popular? Let’s take a closer look at these questions in the article. So, read on till the end!

Wooden bead spinner

A wooden bead spinner is shaped just like a deep, circular mug with a spinning top in the middle that is used to line up beads for jewelry making. It consists of a needle and a spinning top that is mounted on a board. The user puts the needle into the hole in the center of the top and spins it. This causes the top to spin rapidly, and the centrifugal force throws the beads out of the holes in the sides of the top. The beads are then collected onto the wire, or a thread and bead jewelry is made. The wooden jewelry making bead spinner is a simple but effective tool for creating beautiful beads for jewelry-making.

How does a bead spinner work?

The working mechanism of a bead spinner is pretty basic, with exceptional results. This jewelry-making tool consists of two parts; the base and the top. The base is usually made of wood or plastic, and the top is made of metal or plastic. The needle is inserted into the top of the spinner, and the user twists the top to rotate the beads around the needle. This rotation creates centrifugal force, which causes the beads to move away from the center of the spinner and toward the outside edge. The beads can then be placed on a chain or thread to create a variety of different jewelry designs.

Things to consider while working with bead spinners

There is no doubt that this method of making bead jewelry is pretty simple but to achieve the desired results, there are some things you really need to take under consideration. Some factors are stated below:

  • Type of thread or yarn- The material that you use needs to be strong enough to withstand the twisting and spinning process, but it also needs to be flexible enough so that it can be easily wrapped around the spindle.
  • Tension in the thread- You need to pay attention to the tension of the thread as you spin it. If the tension is too loose, the beads will be larger and less uniform in shape. If the tension is too tight, the beads will be smaller and more uniform in shape.

Final verdict

The invention of bead spinners has introduced us to a great way to add embellishments to your projects without having to purchase them separately. With a little practice, anyone can quickly master this technique and produce beautiful results. you can even open your own home-based small-scale online business with this little tool and earn easy money. Additionally, you can also adopt this as a hobby if you’re a bead jewelry enthusiast. Happy spinning!



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